What is a "Giclée" print?

Pronounced "zee-clay," this state-of-the-art process enables artists to share their work in a way never possible before.  It also allows the use of premier inks and papers.  Each of our Autumn Rose Arts Signature Collection prints is individually produced by the artist in our studio at the time of your order.  Only the finest, pigmented inks and archival-quality, 100% cotton, acid-free watercolor paper are used.  Giclée printing enables the most minute subtleties to be captured and reproduced, resulting in a print that retains the rich, dynamic color and depth of the original creation.  Framing further enhances these attributes, resulting in a truly breath-taking work of art. 

Are the prints numbered?

Our Giclèe prints are "open editions" which are individually produced and signed by the Artist upon order.  They are not numbered, however, many will only be reproduced in limited quantities, and an image may be retired by the Artist at any time without notice.  Numbered, limited edition prints would sell for three or four times as much.  It is the Artist's desire to make her work affordable for everyone.

How are the "Lithograph/Poster" prints different from the Giclées?

The images in the "Lithograph/Poster Gallery" have been produced by a publishing company under contract.  The heavy weight of the smooth-surfaced, matte-finish, card stock and the format chosen by the publisher makes these prints suitable both for hanging "as is," or for framing in readily-available poster frames (alternately, the poster-style border may be cut away, and the image only may be framed by companies who then re-sell the framed prints).  While still very dramatic, these prints do not retain all of the softness and depth which are characteristic of the giclées (described above).   Your lithograph/poster will be signed on the back by Ms. Rose.  If you plan to cut off the white border and frame only the image, you may request that the print be signed on the front. 

How long will it take to receive my prints?

Your print(s) will generally ship out within one week.  If there is a delay for any reason, we will notify you by email.

How do I order?

Follow the instructions on the top of each gallery page.  After you have viewed the enlarged picture and know what size you would like return to the gallery page of "thumbnails" (smaller pictures) and click on the size below the picture.  You will then automatically be taken to the shopping cart, which will step you through the ordering process.  We accept the following forms of payment:
~ Mastercard and VISA.  Our shopping cart will guide you through the fast, easy, secure process.  Your personal information remains PRIVATE.  (Sorry, but we cannot process Discovery or American  Express payments.)
~ Money Orders.  Complete your order through our shopping cart and check the appropriate payment box.  When you send your payment, be sure to include a copy of your completed order, and print your shipping address clearly.
~ Checks.  Complete your order through our shopping cart and check the appropriate payment box.  When you send your payment, be sure to include a copy of your completed order, and print your shipping address clearly.  (Note:  Personal Checks require 12 days to clear the banks before we are able to ship your item(s).
Send payments by mail to:  S.G.Rose, 28216 NE 140th Place, Duvall, WA 98019
If you are not going to send the payment for your order immediately, please let us know.  We receive notifications of orders from the shopping cart, and may wonder if your payment has been lost in the mail if there is more than a week's delay in our receiving it.
~ PayPal.  Place your order through our shopping cart, and in the "Remarks" box on the first page, type: "I will use PayPal," continue through the checkout, and hen prompted for type of payment, select "Check."  Complete the checkout process.  You will receive an automated email with your order confirmation.
To pay via PayPal:  (1) Log on to your PayPal account, (2) Click the "Send Money" tab, (3) Select "Goods, Other," (4) In the notes box type the order confirmation number on the email you were sent.  (5) Send the total due to: payments@sgrose.com.

All orders are shipped via USPS.    As prints are custom produced and signed per your order, all sales are final except in case of shipping damage.

Wholesale Inquiries

We welcome inquiries from galleries, fine art dealers, framers, and others who meet certain criteria.  We invite you to contact us directly to discuss our wholesale pricing on quantity purchases. 

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