Selah Gayle Rose was born in a small Western Washington town in 1948. Her childhood was spent exploring the forests, mountains and waters
of the majestic Pacific Northwest, where a love for nature, literature and the arts took root at a young age.
Her imagery glorifies the virtues of simple abundance, delighting the eye and touching the soul.
As the daughter of a Serbian mother and part Native American father, she feels a deep connection to the courage and spirituality of her ancestors.

"Whatever form my work takes, I have always been motivated by the desire to inspire and encourage others.
Creativity is a Divine flow without end, and as its channels, we're designed to share what we've received.
It's my assignment - my passion, purpose and calling."

A published multi-media artist and writer of 35 years, Gayle's writings and images have found their way around the world,
many taking on lives of their own in circulation on the internet.
Gayle and her husband, Lance, live in the shadow of Washington State's Cascade Mountain range.
They share four grown children and three grandchildren.



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